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We have compiled the most frequently asked questions by our customers, however if you do not find the answer to your query, please click here to find the best way for you to get in touch.

Am I covered if I lend, loan or hire my photography equipment to another person?
No, the cover is only applicable to you.
Are there any photography items you cannot cover?
We cover most items with the exceptions of consumables such as batteries, films, bulbs, leads, memory cards and cables. Laptop equipment and computers can be covered if they are used in conjunction with the photographic equipment and business.
Are there any security requirements needed to protect my photographic equipment whilst at the storage address?
Yes, please see the list of security requirements.
Can you cover camcorders, binoculars/telescopes?
Yes, all these items can be insured.
Do you cover underwater camera equipment?
No, unfortunately we don't. This is something we may introduce in the future.
Do you insure photography studios?
We are able to cover the photography equipment owned by you within the studio, although we are unable to insure the building itself.
How do you determine whether I need the Amateur or Professional photography policy?
If any monetary gain is made from the sale of your work you would require the Professional cover, even if this is not your main source of income.
Is my photography equipment covered whilst I am abroad?
Yes, up to 135 days (Amateur policy) / up to 240 days (Professional policy) per year of worldwide cover is included as standard on the policy.
Please note that there is a limit per occasion which is 45 days on the Amateur and 60 days on the Professional cover. Please see the Policy Benefits for details
Is there a limit for any single item I propose to insure?
The single item limit is £10,000 on the Amateur and £35,000 on the Professional policy.
Is there a maximum value limit for all the equipment I propose to insure collectively?
The maximum limit for all insured items collectively is £25,000 on the Amateur and £50,000 on the Professional policy.
What is a Lunar Monthly policy?

Essentially, this policy runs for, and premiums are collected in, equal periods of 28 days (a lunar month); renewing continually at the conclusion of each period subject to receipt of premium.

Current benefits include:

  • Longer 'new for old' cover
  • Higher benefit levels
  • Cancellation at anytime without penalty
  • More worldwide cover